Getting a New Phone Shouldn’t Be This Hard

I made a mistake – I pre-ordered a Samsung Galaxy s8 Plus phone on April 3rd, with a projected delivery date of April 17th.  THAT was not the mistake, where I chose to have it delivered to was.  Fraser Valley Wireless in Maple Ridge, BC  The mistake wasn’t apparent at the onset.  My phone arrived on the 20th, I picked it up and all “was” fine …. then.

The next day after work, I went to try out the selfie camera and the video filters and guess what? The screen changed colours several times, went fuzzy and then black and that was it, no more front camera.  The rear camera was still working …. then.

I got onto the chat online at and then with DM via Twitter, trying to get this figured out.  While doing this, after a couple of hours, I discovered that the rear camera had also ceased to work.  Rogers has deemed the phone a dud and it’s declared DOA.  I’m told I need to go back to the store where I picked it up from (paid for the early upgrade there too) and get it exchanged.  Boooooooo…..  Oh well, I’ll return it tomorrow, since I have nothing else to do on my day off.

It’s Saturday morning, my day off and I’m heading off to Fraser Valley Wireless.  I relate my story of the DOA phone to the fellow in the store, who says they don’t have any extra phones to exchange and then tells me that if they did, they wouldn’t part with them, as they would be “on hold” for someone – no names, no payment, just on hold.  Hmmm….  He is interrupted by someone who comes in with another brand of phone that isn’t working and is told they don’t do loaner phones.  I tell the fellow I need a phone and he says he can try some other stores and will get back to me.  I asked if I can get my money back and go to another dealer and he says no, that’s not how it works.  I decided to leave there before I lost my cool and head back home to get online again.

Going online with the chat really hasn’t helped much, but Twitter has.  I’m told to call tech support and see what can be done, so I take their advice.  I got a tech who helped and said that a new phone should be delivered by Monday, it was be a swap.  Awesome!!!

Well, it’s Tuesday and still no replacement phone.  In the meantime, sometimes the rear camera works and sometimes it doesn’t.  The front camera is toast and I tested more apps with it and it actually froze the phone completely.  That was scarey – I thought it might heat up and catch fire like the Note 7 did.  It did not.  I eventually got it to turn off and rebooted it.  Okay, no more trying to see if the selfie camera started working.

It’s my day off.  As per usual when I buy something, it invariably has something missing, doesn’t work or is broken, so the phone thing isn’t surprising, neither is the lack of a delivery.  I’m back on social media and phoning again and they’ve escalated the case now and I’m told I should go back to the dealer and tell them I want a loaner (which they don’t do), get my money back (not happening) or get an exchange straight across (I phoned to see if they had any in stock, as they don’t know me or my number), which isn’t happening.  This is because the order for the phone replacement was processed Saturday, but as my luck would have it, there are no black Galaxy s8 plus’s in stock at Rogers.  Seriously?  They didn’t get enough phones?  Crazy.  They can’t tell me when they can get one in either, so I’m stuck.  I say goodbye and that’s it.  A phone that’s dying, that I’ve paid for and am paying for on the new improved premium plan.  Cool.  I’m happy.

I decided to call Rogers once more and find out when I could expect a phone, as I really don’t want to deal with Fraser Valley Wireless anymore.  I’d already called BestBuy and they have none either.  I talked to a tech who put me through to sales management and spoke to a fellow named Greg, who asked me a question nobody else did – did I have to have the black version of the phone, because there are grey ones available.  I could care less about the colour, I just want a phone that works.  He says he has to get the original order changed from black to grey, so he’ll call me back.  I’m not getting my hopes up.  Too many hours online and on the phone have done me in.

Greg phoned back and all is good, they have grey ones in stock and the order form is done and the phone will ship tomorrow and I should have it by Thursday or Friday. Yahoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!