R.I.P. Mike Hall

Today, ultra endurance cyclist Mike Hall was killed by a driver in Australia. We don’t know the details or circumstances, yet.  Hopefully, this wasn’t another case of distracted driving.  I’m really tired of reading how cyclists should have millions or lights and wear hi-viz (which I do) and that’ll “save” them from getting hit by a car driven by a bad driver.  Let me say this – a distracted driver, whose eyes are off the road, does not see millions of lights or hi-viz – they see only what is distracting them.

I first heard of Mike Hall by watching the documentary Inspired To Ride on Netflix.  Juliana Buhring is another ultra endurance cyclist I discovered in the same movie.  An awesome movie that has inspired me to ride my bike more and get better at it.  I’ll never race like they do, but through watching them ride, I have learned how to stand and pedal.  Sounds stupid?  Not really.  I’ve always been a seated cyclist, but decided standing to pedal helps in the long hours sitting.  I can stand without having to stop riding.  They make it look easy and fluid, I’m kind of choppy, but that’s okay.  I’m working at it.

I often wonder if the ultra endurance cyclists don’t push themselves beyond their physical thresholds and can get into trouble doing that?  I know it’s tough riding long distances and can only compare my piddly 100km+ rides and how I feel during and after them.  I cannot imagine doing what they do, but I really admire them.

R.I.P. Mike – you died doing what you love to do. Condolences to your family and friends.